About Anatomy To You

Anatomy To You was established in 2016 by Dr. Lauren Sumner-Rooney and Professor John R. Hutchinson from the Structure and Motion Lab at the Royal Veterinary College in London, with the support of the Leverhulme Trust and Natural Environment Research Council (UK). Both founding members of Anatomy To You specialise in comparative anatomy and evolutionary biology, and wanted to share their passion for the elegance and intrigue of the phenotypic evolution of organisms, especially animals.

The aim of Anatomy To You is to give a public window into zoological research on organisms, with snapshots of some of the most fascinating and ground-breaking projects both within the RVC and in universities and museums across the world. The core feature of the work featured here is the use of anatomy: the study of animal body structure, form, morphology or phenotypes. Anatomy is a fundamental part of almost all biological research, and topics covered here will include everything from biomechanics, fossils and palaeontology, to nervous systems, development, colour and camouflage, and much more! But we mainly hope to celebrate the wonder and joy of a pure appreciation of animal anatomy, bringing that love of Anatomy To You.

For more information about Lauren and John, click to view their profiles.

Anatomy To You (ATY) features at least three kinds of blog posts (as well as integration with other social media): “In Focus”, which are posts that go into detail on one specific aspect of anatomical science, “Far and Wide”, posts that take a step back to cover a broad issue in anatomy and make it accessible to a general audience, and “Anatomy Snippets”, posts that simply feature an image or video(s) and leave any discussion or broader context to the Comments.

CAVEAT – Parents, teachers and other carers of children: we’ve made Anatomy To You for everyone from mature children upwards, maybe around age 15+. The nature of anatomy itself might disturb some people, and not just children. So please check our site out and see if it suits anyone you care for before directing them here. We’ll try to put disclaimers up where we are presenting material that might upset more people than usual, but we also rely on our readers’ discretion. Enthusiastic ATY readers may also appreciate our sibling blog, “What’s In John’s Freezer?“, which takes an even more unflinching look at anatomy and is targeted toward a general scientifically-literate audience.

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